We believe in making data-driven decisions.
— Henry O'Connell, CEO Canary Speech

Using voice to identify concussions on the sidelines.

Canary Speech is the sister company of Canary Concussion. Canary Speech has identified, with patents pending, key biomarkers in speech to identify human conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Depression, Parkinson’s, and Concussions.

With your help, we can create this pioneering technology to help our youth and athletes.

No Wifi needed|Preform baselines and post-injury assessments care-free

Mobile Management | Add athlete & assessments from your phone

Multiple Forms Available |SCAT 5, Short Test

HIPAA Compliant | All data is securely stored on a HIPAA data site

Visual Data Graphs | Assess a subject’s progress with side-by-side comparison

Shareable Reports | Generate a PDF report of the assessment to send to your medical professional